K-Pop Superstars Magazine: BTS (Volume 5) HOW JUNGKOOK BROKE THE INTERNET

BTS have pledged to fans that they plan to stick around for another ten years, which means for the foreseeable future we have Jimin and the boys in our lives producing the joyous sounds we know and love.

In this brand new issue of K-Pop Superstars we look ahead to what the boys will be up to next, as well debunking the outrageous headlines they have made. We also meet more Army members who share touching stories about how the band have changed their lives, as well as looking at ways we can all combat online bullies.

We also play a fun game where we match up our favourite stars with K-Pop classics that we adore. Also inside, we take a look at the K-Pop bands who have split and the new stars to look forward. Plus, in our bonus WE LOVE POP magazine, we mark the tragic death of K-Pop singer Sulli, and ask why so many stars feel such pressure living under the spotlight.

On a lighter note, for those of you who fancy your chances of becoming a K-Pop superstar yourself, we meet a K-Pop producer who reveals how you can create your very own smash hit. With stunning new pics and posters, this latest issue is a must have for any self-confessed ARMY member!

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