Kings of Pop Magazine November 2019: Harry Styles Special Edition

A Whole magazine dedicated to Mr Styles!

Not many boyband members manage to achieve musical credibility and gain respect from his peers, but Mr Harry Styles is one of the few teen heart throbs to cross the line successfully, even though his solo offerings are so far rather sparse – just one full album has been released and a second, Fine Line, is on its way. 

Nevertheless, the laid-back singer-songwriter is proving to have amazing potential, with critics and fans heaping praise on his ground-breaking musical output. Not only that, Harry has proven to be a fine, upstanding modern man who is refreshingly open and accepting of people of all kinds. 

To celebrate his ongoing success, here we look back at Harry’s humble beginnings and trace his amazing journey via the global success he enjoyed with One Direction, the critical praise he received for his solo career, his triumphant foray into acting and being embraced by the fashion community. We also take a closer look at the man behind the pop star and explore the inner workings of his wonderfully open mind.

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