Guitarist Magazine November 2021 Jimi Hendrix Steve Howe John Mayer

Jimi Hendrix was the greatest Stratocaster player in history - yet the fate of the guitars he used is as tangled as any mystery novel, with theft, cannibalised guitars and even destruction by fire all complicating our understanding of where Jimi's Strats eventually ended up. Some have been lost to history forever, others occupy a hallowed place in museums and private collections. In this issue, celebrated guitar historian Tony Bacon turns detective to track down the fate of all of Jimi's Strats that can still be tracked down - with fascinating results.

Also in this issue we interview contemporary guitar superstar John Mayer on the tones behind his stellar new 80s-vibed album Sob Rock, talk expression and inspiration with Carlos Santana and review the hottest new gear on the guitar market, including Fender's all- new high-spec Player Premium Strat and Tele.

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