Dumfries & Galloway Life Magazine #200: SAM HEUGHAN Special Collectors Issue

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To celebrate 200 issues of Sam's hometown magazine Dumfries & Galloway they are releasing a brand new Sam exclusive cover and 9-page Sam Heughan special - featuring never before released photos of Sam in Galloway where he was born and grew up. In our special interview he tells us why he is passionate about sharing the love for this area, and also what it means to be saying farewell to Jamie Fraser as he films the final series of Outlander.

We also have a special feature on how you can visit Outlander locations in Scotland and D&G, including the sites which inspired Sam's spirit of adventure. And, in a special competition, exclusive to readers, there's the chance to win a signed bottle of Storyman,, the blended whisky made specially for James Cosmo, who has played such iconic characters as William Wallace’s aide-de-camp Campbell in Braveheart; Angus in Highlander; Ser Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones; Father Kellan Ashby in Sons of Anarchy, Father Christmas in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Glaucus In Troy; Mr Weston in Emma; Renton’s dad in Trainspotting, and Farder Coram in His Dark Materials.

The front cover is an exclusive image of Sam and we have 9 pages of him inside, too


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