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NEIL YOUNG – ROCK’S ULTIMATE REBEL – stars on an extra-special, gold-emblazoned MOJO cover. Inside, in a world-exclusive interview, he holds forth on Crazy Horse, Donald Trump, Spotify and more, while key collaborators offer insights into a career of doing the exact opposite of what’s expected. MOJO’s free CD follows the Neil-inspired theme of defiance, with stirring protest rock, folk and funk from Curtis Mayfield, MC5, Gil Scott-Heron, Billy Bragg, Fela Kuti and more. Also in the issue: an in-depth eulogy to The Fall’s Mark E Smith; Roxy Music revisit their stunning debut album; Jimmy Page on plans for Led Zeppelin’s golden jubilee; Jack White explains his audacious new album. Plus: David Byrne; Jonathan Wilson; The Damned’s Dave Vanian; LA Witch; XTC; Tom Waits and Laurie Anderson.



COVER STORY: NEIL YOUNG Rock’s ultimate rebel – his biggest battles, and his latest, as he squares up against Trump, the record industry and MP3. Plus: Graham Nash, Frank Sampedro, Pegi Young, Nils Lofgren and more attest to his ongoing insurgency.


FREE CD: REVOLUTION BLUES 15 tracks of rebel rock, protest funk and f-you folk, featuring Billy Bragg, Fela Kuti, Curtis Mayfield, MC5, Gil Scott-Heron, Sleater-Kinney and more. Play loud!


MARK E SMITH The artist behind the controversialist, hymned and mourned by bandmates from every era of the mighty Fall. Plus: MOJO’s mixtape of classic and deep Fall cuts.


LED ZEPPELIN Jimmy Page on the revamped How The West Was Won, Led Zep at their onstage peak, and further plans for the band’s 50th Anniversary Year.


ROXY MUSIC The full story of their groundbreaking 1972 debut album, the cornerstone of Art Rock. The outfits, the outrage, the mad feedback, the space jazz and all.


JACK WHITE explains his new solo album. Expect gender-fluidity and funky vibes. “When I’m writing I feel like I’m 19 years old,” he tells MOJO’s Stevie Chick.


DAVID BYRNE The ex-Talking Heads honcho is in revealing mood as he unveils his *American Utopia. His shyness, the reformation offers, The Big Suit: it’s all fair game.


DAVE VANIAN The Damned man’s journey from grave-digger to goth-punk doyen, through the soap-opera scraps of his bandmates. “No one was blameless,” he assures Pat Gilbert.


JONATHAN WILSON The go-to guy for guitar and neo-classic rock productions survived setbacks and drive-bys before coming into his own on a thrilling third solo album.


REVIEWED Jack White / Jimi Hendrix / MGMT / Anna Von Hausswolff / Tom Waits / The Breeders / Hot Snakes / Stax Singles / Jonny Greenwood / Buffalo Tom / Young Fathers / Graham Coxon / Imarhan / Yo La Tengo / Tracey Thorn / Spirit / Go-Kart Mozart


PLUS Brigid Mae Power / High Masekela / the history of Hansa Studios / the Dylan Musical unpicked / Martin Freeman’s Mod-jazz odyssey / L.A. Witch / Mad Professor & U-Roy in harness / XTC’s pop moment / Laurie Anderson’s Self Portrait / the Bauhaus saga / How To Buy Joy Division & New Order / All back to Kathleen Turner’s!

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