Q Magazine August 2020: KATE BUSH Bob Dylan PRINCE Bono U2 NICK CAVE Tina Turner

In the new issue, we share some of our favourite tales from across Q’s lifetime. There’s an exclusive cover illustration by Pete Fowler and, inside the issue, Q legends past and present including Adrian Deevoy, Danny Kelly, Sylvia Patterson, Ted Kessler, Andrew Harrison, Laura Barton, Dorian Lynskey and many more recall finest moments and crazy tales from their tenure at Q. The anecdotes include but are not limited to stories involving Bono, Tina Turner, Noel Gallagher, Kate Bush, Chris Martin, Radiohead and the Beastie Boys.

Around these hilarious, deep, silly and occasionally wistful recollections are in-depth features of the kind you have come to expect. Rupert Howe tells the story of the roots of grime, recounting how the last great British youth movement came to be. Dorian Lynskey interviews the main players behind the Help album, the greatest charity record ever made. Ted Kessler speaks to Kevin Rowland ahead of the reissue of his cult classic My Beauty record, the Dexys leader going deep on its creation and controversial aftermath. 

Also in the issue, Tom Doyle traces the early history of Arcade Fire, charting their rise from Montreal upstarts to one of the world’s biggest bands and Rupert Howe celebrates 20 years of Gorillaz, looking back over their past two decades with key members and collaborators. Robin Turner revisits the Manics’ historic 2001 in Cuba, speaking to those who were there to witness it alongside Castro, and Adrian Deevoy gives a detailed account of the time he went to Madonna’s house. In Freeze Frame, we tell the inside story about some of the most iconic shots to have featured in Q over the years. 

It’s not all looking back, though – we also speak to some musician friends about what music releases they are most keenly anticipating post-lockdown and, in the Q Review, we appraise new records from Fontaines D.C., Arca, James Dean Bradfield, Wiley and more. 

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