Hot Press Magazine March 2020: NIALL HORAN COVER & FEATURE One Direction

HOT PRESS are proud to unveil our highly anticipated Niall Horan cover.

Having cemented his status as one of the biggest Irish music stars in history, and the fourth Irish artist to make it to No.1 in the US Hot 100, Niall has now reached another major landmark – securing his first ever Hot Press cover as a solo artist.

That's right – on Thursday, for the first time ever, Niall Horan will feature on the front of Hot Press, a magazine he grew up reading, and which has helped to launch countless stars on the roads to global acclaim.

With Bono, Scarlett Johansson, Lewis Capaldi, Gavin James and Niall's Saturday Night Live appearance all cropping up in his conversation with Hot Press's Stuart Clark, we have quite the interview about to go to print!

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