Kings of Pop: Harry's Style - Harry Styles (August 2022)

There’s no question that Harry Styles is a rock star with a keen eye for fashion. While other stars opt for the same-old same-old, he is out there pushing the boundaries of style, whether it’s in a snazzy, tailored suit, elaborate gown or strong primary coloured prints teamed with chunky necklaces and nail varnish. On someone else,  these strong looks would look like costume. But Harry is different. He exudes style and can wear anything and make it look authentic. He wears the clothes, they don’t wear him. And so to celebrate his keen sense of style, we look back at some of the pop superstar’s  greatest fashion moments and also pay tribute to those great rock legends who have influenced him along the way. Enjoy this special issue and be inspired by Harry and feel the freedom to dress the way you want and be the person you want to be. 

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