MOJO magazine December 2017 Bob Dylan Jimmy Page Tom Petty & Free Dylan CD

MOJO 289 / December 2017

Bob Dylan a born again Christian? It was the craziest thing anyone had ever heard. Yet as an imminent new Bootleg release clarifies, the change brought incandescent music as well as extraordinary stories. They’re all in the new MOJO magazine, along with a FREE CD that features an EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED DYLAN RECORDING – one of the jewels of his new box set – along with a soul-stirring mix of vintage gospel, country, blues and rock. Also in the issue: our tribute to the great Tom Petty; Jimmy Page finds amazing Yardbirds music in his vault; Bootsy Collins funks us up. Plus: the hair-raising life and times of Johnny Thunders, Hüsker Dü, Morrissey, Queen and Nadia Reid: our favourite new songwriter!

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