British GQ Magazine July 2019: JODIE COMER Billie Eilish PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE

JULY 2019
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BRITAIN'S FOURTH WALL BREAKING, GLASS CEILING SHATTERING, NEW QUEEN OF COMEDY: Is she the messiah, or a very naughty girl? With Fleabag’s second series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge confirmed herself as many things: chief among them, a genuine once-in-a-generation talent. She’s the writer and star of a dramedy – about a woman traversing one-night stands, family, God and M&S pre-mixed cocktails – that had an impact not seen since Ricky Gervais made a little show about a paper company. In Killing Eve, she created another instant classic, a darkly hilarious and effortlessly stylish thriller about a cat-and-mouse chase between a desk-bound MI5 agent and an haute couture assassin, back for series two this month. And that was just the last year. What’s next? Only the small matter of writing the next Bond film. So who better to quiz the nation’s anointed master of the sideways take than her spiritual American counterpart, Tina Fey...

JODIE COMER WILL SLAY YOU NOW: Ever wonder how similar a 26-year-old actress from Liverpool could be to a globe-trotting haute couture psycho assassin? Turns out, a worry amount

HOW MARK RONSON ESCAPED HIS FUNK...: ...and wrote an album that wears his heart on its sleeve

GEORGE OSBORNE: Hold the front page! Having made the unprecedented leap from government to newspaper man, the editor of the Evening Standard has a unique perspective on the soap opera of UK politics. Here, free from parliamentary privilege, he fields searching questions from GQ's arch interrorgator. Top of the agenda: being sacked by the prime minister, the disastrous implications of Brexit and whether or not he's a 'real journalist'. However you assess his time in office – and since – he's certainly good copy

'WE'RE ALL SAD AS HELL': Like many of Gen Z's brightest music stars, teenage artist Billie Eilish plays patient and shrink, with songs of sorrow and revenge that strike a chord with her peers

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