i-D Magazine Winter 2018: Timothée Chalamet


For the latest issue of i-D magazine the heartthrob of the moment Timothée Chalamet has been interviewed by heartthrob of a few years ago, Harry Styles. In a meeting of sensitive, fought after, Instagram-followed, chisel-jawed minds, Harry asks Timothée the questions a superstar wants to know about another superstar.

Conducted over the phone, Harry Styles opens the conversation where the two call each other Mr Chalamet and Mr Styles and thank each other for their time. The conversation precedes with Harry dropping in a David Bowie quote. Bowie, had said, “Creativity is like wading out into the ocean. You wade out to the point where you can’t touch the bottom, you’re a little scared, and that’s where you do your best work.” Harry asks Timothée if he agrees. He agrees.

Moving onto to discuss Timothée’s latest part in Beautiful Boy directed by Felix Van Groeningen, the pair discuss subjects such as the intensity of Timothée’s role and the addiction context of the film. The pair then speak frankly and honestly by touching on their mutual feelings of rapid rising success at a young age (they’re both close with their families, they both keep journals), whether they feel pressure to be in political in today’s tense global climate, and social media too.

The feature process of a celebrity interviewing another is an age old technique but only works in certain contexts. Iconic Interview features such as Solange interviewed by Beyonce are a prime example, but in others such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian having a chat in ES Magazine fell flat. However, i-D’s newest example is a great one, pairing two celebrities everyone certainly wants to look at but encouraging them to share exactly what they want to say too. It also helps that the pair had never previously met, but the publication picked up on their mutual admiration and similar career trajectories.

The feature is accompanied with photography by Mario Sorrenti lensing Timothée and has already completely sold out online.


Brand New Condition - however our final copy has a small crease on the right corner.

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