K-Pop Superstars Magazine: BTS (Volume 3)

In this third exciting issue, we take a dive into the world of BTS and look at what the boys have been up to recently, including their historic appearance on Saturday Night Live and their triumphant performance at this year’s star-studded Billboard Awards.

Not only do we ask you, the fandom, to review the band’s latest creation but we chat to dedicated fans including a mum and daughter who both live and breathe BTS. Elsewhere in the mag, we put twins to the test to find out if they love the same things about our favourite seven-piece and we meet the girl who quit Britain for Korea.

The issue also includes a new wellbeing section of the magazine, in which a series of experts help you navigate the tough issues in life sometimes raised in BTS’s songs. And if all this wasn’t enough, take a look at our bonus 14-page magazine devoted to all things K-Pop. Jam-packed with gossip and exclusive interviews with the biggest stars of K-Pop, this is a jamboree of fun, colour and glitz.

This is an absolute must-have for fans of BTS and K-pop. Get yours now. 

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