Metal Hammer Magazine July 2020: Paul Gray (Slipknot) Remembered

Metal Hammer Magazine July 2020 - Brand New Condition

Ten years on, a legend remembered. The new issue of Metal Hammer is a special tribute issue dedicated to Slipknot's Paul Gray.

The new issue of Metal Hammer also comes with exclusive bonus digital magazines including the stories behind Slipknot’s 20 greatest songs

This month marks ten years since the shocking death of beloved Slipknot bassist and founding member Paul Gray, and the new issue of Metal Hammer is a special tribute edition dedicated to his life and career.

As well as an emotional and in-depth look at Paul’s unique story and the immeasurable influence he had on Slipknot’s music, the magazine also features a special collection of tributes from around the metal world.

All that plus brand new features with the likes of Nightwish, Oranssi Pazuzu, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N’ Roses, My Dying Bride, Ice Nine Kill and more.

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