PRINCE - REVOLUTIONARY ICON: Souvenir tribute UK magazine 2016

PRINCE was one of the greatest musicians the world has ever
Whether performing, writing, producing or simply playing the guitar,
he was a captivating, enchanting presence and his three-decade
career at the top of the music industry highlights how extraordinarily
gifted and popular he was.
With 100 million albums sold – including the iconic 1999, Purple Rain
and Sign O’ the Times – there have been few artists in recent times
to have had so dedicated a fanbase and so big an influence on the
musical landscape.
A shy, quiet individual, Prince came alive on stage or in the recording
studio. Packed concerts the world over loved his music, his creative
star quality and ground-breaking showmanship.
Using the Mirror’s unrivalled archive, it recalls the fascinating tale of
Prince’s career, from his breakthrough to his many sell-out tours and
his impact on other performers. Featuring exclusive Mirror interviews,
it also provides a unique insight into the enigmatic star’s personal life,
offering an exclusive glimpse inside his glittering Paisley Park mansion.

Condition: NEW

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