Record Collector Presents... Hawkwind

Record Collector Presents...Hawkind

Who knew when Group X formed in 1969, that 55 years later the sound of the UK counterculture would still be alive and ritualising onstage and on record as the mighty Hawkwind. Record Collector Presents… Hawkwind explores the band’s incredible musical and social legacy through classic album profiles, eyewitness anecdotes and collector stories with brand new interviews from all current band members including the good Captain, Dave Brock, the true warrior on the edge of time. There’s also a seven-page discography, books, films and memorabilia, a live report from 2024, unseen pix from the band at Disneyland in 1973 – yes, really – and praise from celebrity fans-turned-sonic cosmonauts. In search of space rock? Fire up the Silver Machine and head this way.

Dispatch from the 27th June

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