Times Review 23rd Jan 2021 The Beatles Ronnie Spector Ralph Fiennes


Cover & main feature — RALPH FIENNES EXCAVATED, THE MAKING OF SUTTON HOO DRAMA THE DIG: The actor, and director Simon Stone talk to Kevin Maher about their film about the archaeologist and good egg Basil Brown
Philippa Perry: on her cultural life
RONNIE SPECTOR ON JOHN LENNON ... WHEN HE KISSED ME, I FORGOT PHIL FOR A FEW SECONDS: The record producer Phil Spector, a convicted murderer, died last week. Craig Brown, in an extract from his book One Two Three Four, describes how in 1964 the Beatle made a beeline for Spector’s girl, Ronnie
PILOU ASBAEK ON THE INVESTIGATION, GAME OF THRONES AND BORGEN: The actor talks to Ben Dowell about his acclaimed new BBC true-crime drama, which follows what happened after the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall
KEREN DAVID — ‘ANTISEMITISM NEVER GOES AWAY, IT JUST MUTATES’: A young adult book about contemporary prejudices is the most challenging thing its author has written, says Anne Joseph
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