Empire Magazine January 2019: ALITA BATTLE ANGEL Stan Lee CHRISTOPH WALTZ


If Hollywood has taught us anything over the last three decades, it’s to never bet against James Cameron. The sci-fi blockbuster maestro confounds expectations at every turn – and Alita: Battle Angel, his team-up with fellow visionary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, looks set to continue his bold winning streak. A cyber-punk manga adaptation 20 years in the making, Alita is another ballsy big-screen outing from Cameron, on writing and producing duties here – the man who previously made water-logged manmade disasters and complex 3D sci-fi parables into visceral, unmissable event cinema. Under the direction of Rodriguez, a fellow genre maestro with a track record of trailblazing innovative technology, the odds look to be in Alita’s favour. Take a look at Alita: Battle Angel on the newsstand cover of Empire’s January 2019 issue.

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