The OG influencer, the first global reality star, inventor of the selfie, philanthropist, businesswoman, animal lover. It’s hard to describe Paris Hilton in just one sentence, and far harder to speak on her enduring impact on popular culture as a whole. In conversation with popstar Kim Petras, the two speak on Paris’ admiration for the LGBTQ community, her thought’s on the Tr*mp administration's harmful policies against trans people and finish off with a conclusive ‘That’s Hot list’.

“I have several friends in the trans community and have heard their stories of what they went through and the hardships. I think that they’re so courageous and they inspire me. No community deserve to have their rights taken away from them, and the trans community shouldn’t be targeted with administrative regulations on their human lives. I plan to use my platform to speak out and to continue to give this community a voice.”

Elsewhere in the issue: Hayley Kiyoko; CupcakKe; Jake Borelli; Wanda Sykes; Jamie Windust; Swati Mandela; Food 4 Thot; Sara Bareilles; Maxwell Poth plus travel, style, products, fashion and much more! 

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