Guitar Player Magazine SLASH GUNS N ROSES David Crosby May 2023

As the Gibson Les Paul turns 70, Guitar Player celebrates with a look at its evolution — plus, we present eight gems from the collection of the ultimate LP player, collector and designer, Slash.

For this issue, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist selected the guitars from the hundreds in his collection, and sat down with Guitar Player to trace their journeys through his career and hits.

Among the treasures included are the First ’Burst (one of two Les Paul Standards that left Gibson’s factory on May 28, 1958 with ’Burst specifications), his main stage Les Paul “Jessica” model, the 2002 prototype for his signature Les Paul, and the Kris Derrig replica LP that was featured on nearly every song on ‘Appetite for Destruction.’

In addition, we present a few non-Paul models, including Slash’s very first guitars.

Our cover feature continues with a deep look at the Les Paul’s first decade of changes, during which it progressed from a jazz guitar to become the quintessential rock guitar. Plus we track the numerous major and minuscule changes that have transformed the Les Paul over its decades of development.

This issue also includes Guitar Player’s last interview with the legendary David Crosby, whom we spoke with just weeks before his death in January 2023. David talked with us about five songs from his long career — including those for “Almost Cut My Hair” and “Woodstock” — and told us the story behind his visionary classic “Wooden Ships.”

From there, we explore the music and career of another guitar original: Pops Staples, whose guitar playing defined the Staple Singers’ recordings and performance, and who — as Ben Harper tells us — single-handedly defined Americana guitar tone. Through interviews with Harper, Pops’ daughter Mavis and others, we trace the life and work of the guitarist, singer-songwriter and civil rights visionary who brought Black and White music together and created his own genre.

And there’s plenty of new music as well. Guitar Player talks with guitarists Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach of Goose, the self-described “indie-groove” jam band that has quickly ascended to the heights of the genre. Mitarotonda and Anspach discuss the group’s evolution and new album, ‘Dripfield,’ and explain how they work their magic as the band’s guitar tandem. We also catch up with fast-rising glam-rock stars Maneskin, the Italian quartet that’s sold millions of records in Europe and the U.K. and is now ascending the U.S. charts. Guitarist Thomas Raggi and bassist Victoria De Angelis sit down to discuss the group’s development and transition from small stages to arenas.

And in Frets, we speak with Debashish Bhattacharya, the Indian master of slide guitar celebrated by no less than John McLaughlin and Americana Dobro icon Jerry Douglas. Playing otherworldly Hindustani slide licks on instruments of his own invention, Bhattacharya offers an enticing escape from the trappings of familiar guitar tropes. We discuss his instruments, musical approach and the tracks on his latest masterpiece, ‘The Sound of the Soul ‘

And there’s more, including interviews with Malina Moye, a Tip Sheet with Steve Howe, a lesson in the styles and techniques of Joe Walsh, and the latest gear reviews.

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