The Beatles Vinyl Buyer’s Bible Magazine 2019

The Beatles Vinyl Buyer's Bible is the ultimate companion to building your Fab Four record collection.

Brought to you by the team behind Long Live Vinyl magazine, it's packed with 132 pages of essential advice on the vinyl legacy of the greatest band in music history.

Our Classic Album features tell the incredible stories behind the 11 studio albums that changed the face of music forever, and you'll find expert How To Buy guides for each record, helping you spot the valuable rarities, miss-pressings and label curiosities, while tackling the age-old mono vs stereo debate! Value your own collection, become a true Beatles completist or go in search of priceless treasures, all the advice you need is here.  

We even round up the pick of John, Paul, George and Ringo's solo albums, as well as trawling through The Beatles' essential 45s and rare releases. Whether you're a lifelong Beatles record collector, or just starting out on your adventure, The Beatles Vinyl Buyer's Bible is essential reading.


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