The Complete Fan Guide Madonna All About the Celebration Tour 2024 (FREE USA SHIPPING)

In October 2023, Madonna kicked off The Celebration Tour, a 78-date concert series celebrating four decades of her time as a musical, sartorial and social force. Since she burst on the scene in the early ’80s singing radio-friendly dance tracks like “Everybody” and “Lucky Star” while showing off instantly iconic pieces (including midriff-baring tops, rubber bracelets and lace gloves) in her videos, Madonna has set trends, influencing what people want to hear and wear, exposing her audience to new designers, global cultures and artistic voices. Now, at 65, the once and forever Material Girl is still asking us to confront our own hangups and ideas of what it means to age well. In Madonna: Her Changing Style, we chart her career and fashion evolution through more than 180 stunning photos, proving why she remains the Queen of Pop.


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