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UK Uncut Magazine December 2019 - Brand New Condition

BOB DYLAN: As pivotal sessions are released on the new Bootleg Sessions album, we tell the full story of the legendary Nashville summit between Dylan and Johnny Cash. Along the way, there are tales of velvet suits, trips to the circus and nocturnal shenanigans at the Black Poodle in Printer’s Alley. “There was an incredible electricity!”

NEW MUSIC CD: Featuring an unreleased Bob Dylan track, and great new songs from Warmduscher, Itasca, Tindersticks, Jim Sullivan, Girl Ray, JR Bohannon, Sudan Archives and more.

Plus! Inside the issue, you’ll find…

ROBERT SMITH: Having brought The Cure’s 40th anniversary celebrations to a close, Smith is finally ready to unleash the band’s first new album since 2008. He explains all: “I think it’s going to alienate any kind of pop audience we still have…”

NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS: The group’s powerful new album, Ghosteen, is our Album Of The Month, and is reviewed at length here – ‘Nick Cave has surpassed himself, redefining the shape and purpose of his writing…’

 As Will Oldham returns with his first album of original songs in eight years, we catch up with him in the recesses of a Kentucky bookshop to discuss octopus hunting in Hawaii, the joy of pseudonyms and songwriting.

 How does a 1970s giant embrace a new decade? We hear all about the Floyd’s ’80s creative rebirth, from band members, old friends and collaborators. “They were in it, heart and soul. It wasn’t just some money-making thing.”

 We take a look inside Morning Glory On The Vine, Joni’s 1971 scrapbook of drawings and lyrics that’s being published for the first time.

 The ELO conductor and chicken pie connoisseur tells Uncut about his lifelong search for sonic perfection.

 Stuart A Staples takes us through his band’s work to date – “I’m used to sitting in my studio considering everything for quite a long time!”

dio considering everything for quite a long time!”

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