QUEENS OF POP magazine - Taylor Swift Special Issue October 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the brand new Queens of Pop - Taylor Swift magazine. No introductions are necessary of course. Everybody knows Ms Swift. But what is it that we love about Taylor most?  We all adore her kooky personality, her delicious ditties, her all-star super-squad, her big, kind heart, her dazzling outfits, her super cute cats, and of course, her music.
Taylor is a sensation. She is exceptionally talented, successful and inspirational to all her fans. In this issue, we look back at her phenomenal journey from bright-eyed teenager with stars in her eyes to the world class living legend that she is today. We also cast an ear over her iconic albums one at a time, celebrate the amazing musical collaborations that she has had, reminisce about all those celeb fellas that she has been rumoured to date over the years, and have a giggle about the most ridiculous conspiracy theories about Taylor we’ve heard flying about the internet.

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