Sometimes the world is just ripe for a revolution, and in 2019 a young, grungy singer from upper Los Angeles armed with nothing more than her voice and limitless ambition stormed the stage and changed the music industry forever.

Her name was Billie Eilish, and this is the story of how she kicked down the gilded door of a world once reserved for those willing to play by the rules and threw the status quo out of the window. From her humble beginnings writing songs with her brother, Finneas, in a bedroom at their family home to going viral with Ocean Eyes, performing at Glastonbury and sweeping the board at the Grammys, this fanbook explores the meteoric rise of an artist who never expected to go beyond a few thousand likes.

You’ll also discover who influenced the biggest pop star on the planet, find out how she came to be the youngest singer of a James Bond theme in history and find out about her new album and latest look. Whether you’re new to the songs of this music sensation or a bona fide Bad Guy, this book promises a fresh new look at the life of an artist described as “undoubtedly the most-talked about teen on the planet".

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