Queens of Pop Magazine: Billie Eilish - Dedicated to Billie!

Five years ago, young BIllie EIlish was making songs with her brother in his bedroom at their parents house. Now, she's taken the world by storm with her dark, brooding songs and wise-ass attitude. And the world has fallen in love with her, hook, line and sinker. 

Kicking off the new decade taking home four big gongs at the Grammys, she has also cemented her majesty by being invited to write and perform the latest Bond theme. Most importantly, she has become a much needed icon to a generation of young people around the world. Billie is no pop puppet. There is no one in the shadows pulling the strings.

She and her brother Finneas have achieved what they have alone. They are a modern success story – recording songs for themselves, never expecting them to take off. When they initially posted Ocean Eyes on Soundcloud back in 2015 as a lark, they expected just 1000 hits at most. But when tens of thousands of teens started sharing the track, they both knew that perhaps a career in music might be successful. 

The rest, as they say, is history and now  in 2020 we are watching a young eighteen singer songwriter rise and rise. 

In this celebratory issue we look back at her extraordinary journey, mark her amazing achievements, hearing what she has to say about the creative process of writing music, her relationship with her brother and her fans, her obsession with Bieber and living with mental health meet John Greenwood who works with Billie and Finneas on producing their music. 

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